inpatient drug rehab programs – Explained

One of the drug addiction facts that is apparently unknown to many people is that drug addiction is not the same as substance abuse or drug abuse. In a word, whereas people who abuse drugs are not necessarily drug dependent, individuals who are addicted to drugs, on the other hand, are also drug abusers. Another one of the drug addiction facts that is seemingly misunderstood by most drug users is this: the more an individual engages in drug abuse, the more likely he or she will eventually become drug dependent.longterm inpatient drug rehab

People can become addicted to numerous drugs or substances such as inhalants (examples include industrial cleaning solvents or model airplane glue), illegal drugs (heroin or methadone for instance), or prescription drugs (like codeine or oxycontin) taken inappropriately. Because drug addicts are so good at denying their drug-related behavior, it is important non-addicts to become more aware of the various signs of drug addiction so that they may be able to convince the addict to get the professional help they need.

Dysfunctional Behavior and Consequences
Whatever the substance or drug of choice, drug abuse AND drug addiction are characterized by the damaging ways in which the substance or drug takes over the individual’s life, disrupting his or her daily functioning at home, school, or work, leading to repeated drug-related legal problems and unhealthy relationships, and adversely affecting his or her overall quality of life.